Alex Ingram - Artist


Alex Ingram is an artist creating paintings, poetry and performance. He has a BA in Sculpture from Glasgow School of Art and a MA in Fine Art from Saint Martins School of Art and Design. He has exhibited at the Whitechapel Art Gallery and at the Bloomberg Space in London

A Matter Artist, he uses photography, video, poetry, performance and painting and is interested in the concept of time as structure, ideas of 'Nothing', tactile interaction and the physical nature of thought counterbalancing the continuity of process where meaning is in the works intuitive conclusions.  


Alex has exhibited his work both in Britain and abroad in galleries, festivals and as site specific work. He has also published ten books and completed two albums of his songs.

Selected Works / Exhibitions
Tender Boy
Children's Book - themanwithoutareference
Painting Exhibition - 119 Cafe, Hackney
Bird God
Anthology - themanwithoutareference
Merry Months Of  May 
And a Fox Cried - Publication - themanwithoutareference


Group Show - Long White Cloud




Never Again  - Publication - themanwithoutareferene

Cinema  - Publication - themanwithoutareferene

Under the Skin – Group Show - Core Arts

One Hundred on the Horizon  - Publication



Touched - Solo Show - Core Arts

Over The radar - Group Show - Core Arts


Forget Who You Are – Group Show - The Museum of childhood - 18 June - 16 October

The Outsider – Group Show - Core Arts)


All That Glitters Is Not Institution - Whitechapel Art Gallery

Barmy Park – Group Show - Bethnal Green Library

Dark Town  - Publication

Boxes  - Publication

Lull  - Publication

A Season Breaks – Collaboration

Spaceman Cometh  - Publication – Not Your Average Type, 2010

White Works  - Publication – Not Your Average Type, 2010

White Works - Solo Show - Core Arts




L’exposition du de ja vu - Goup Show/co-curator– Core Blimey Arts, Deptford, London


I’ve done nothing wrong today  - Publication - Chipmunkapublishing, 2007

Not Your Average Type – Publication –  Core Arts, London, 2007

Not Your Average Type – Group Show - Core Arts

Enchanted garden - Group Show / co-curator -  London

Art Tarts Take Away - Group Show / co-curator  – 157 Gallery, Peckham, London


Black Box Theatre - Screening - Sweden

Brief Interludes - Screening - Nottingham

3 Minute warning - Screening - In-between Time Festival, Bristol, 

Mutiny Exhibition  - Group Show - Bargehouse Space, London


Mind is a horse - Group Show - Bloomberg Space, London

Eel - Screening - 291 Gallery, London



Various Shows and Screenings

The Big Stage, Umbrella arts group, Cardiff

Koneisto Festival, Finland

E-phos Video Festival, Greece

Nothing Exhibition, Mead Gallery, Coventry

EXPO 2001, Nottingham

St. Petersburg Performance Festival, Russia

TRACKS Exhibition (co-curator), Amsterdam